Dental Health Month

Pet Dental Health Month is Here!

Pre-purchase the Dental Cleaning Discount for $500.00

When your pet has their teeth cleaned, you will receive a discount of $600.00 off your total bill at the time of the anesthetic dental procedure.


This dental discount can be used once it has been purchased until 12/31/2020.
You DO NOT have to have your pet's teeth cleaned in February!

The average price of a dental cleaning, barring any extractions or radiographs, is between $600-$900.  Your pet's dental cleaning may exceed this price depending on the severity of dental disease and any extractions/radiographs that need to be performed.  You will be responsible for the difference at the time the dental cleaning procedure is performed. If, in the event that your pet's dental cleaning is less than $600, the remaining credit will be placed on your file for future use by any pet.

Rules & Restrictions

  • Only 1 discount can be purchased and used per pet
  • The discount can only be purchased during the month of February 2020
  • The dental cleaning procedure must be done before 12/31/2020 for discount to be valid.
  • Annual Exams and Vaccines MUST be current
  • Dogs MUST have current Rabies Vaccine (no exceptions)
  • Exam and required lab work must be done within 6 months of scheduled dental procedure
  • Required exams, vaccines, and pre-surgical lab tests need to be done at least 1 week prior to dental cleaning
  • Discount does NOT apply to any non-anesthetic teeth scraping procedures
  • Discount is not transferable between clients
  • Discount is NON REFUNDABLE, but if deemed by a doctor that a dental cleaning is unnecessary or unwise, a $500.00 credit will be placed on your file.
  • A dental cleaning cost estimate will only be provided when the dental cleaning procedure is scheduled, not prior to purchase. 
  • Cannot be combined with any other discounts/offers/coupons.

Santa Monica Pet Medical Center

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