Specialized Internal Medicine

Some medical issues are deeper than they appear. When it comes to understanding internal medicine, your pet requires a specialist's touch. Santa Monica Pet Medical Center is the only veterinary hospital in the area to have a Board-Certified Internal Medicine Specialist. Whether your primary care veterinarian refers you or you self-refer, Dr. Lopez will review your pet’s previous records, perform a thorough physical exam and discuss your pet’s condition and treatment plan in detail. If further tests are needed, he will review the best approach for arriving at a diagnosis.

Digging Deeper with Diagnostics

Through state-of-the-art-equipment, we’ll perform advanced diagnostics such as ultrasound and endoscopy to find the cause of your pet’s sickness. Therefore, we can begin the appropriate treatment as soon as possible. A number of illnesses can fly below the radar and will require a more in-depth approach of internal medicine to diagnose.







Here is a list of conditions and illnesses an internist may diagnose and treat:

  • Blood abnormalities such as anemia, low platelets or changes in white blood cell counts
  • Cancers
  • Kidney failure and urinary tract problems
  • Diseases of the throat and nose
  • Breathing disorders including feline asthma and canine bronchitis
  • Gastrointestinal conditions such as inflammatory bowel disease
  • Diabetes, thyroid conditions, Cushing’s disease or other hormonal abnormalities
  • Immune system problems and infectious diseases
  • Internal organ dysfunctions
  • Unexplained fevers, weight loss and toxicities

Get the Inside Scoop with Internal Medicine

If you believe an internal medicine consultation will benefit your pet, you can set up an appointment with our specialist or talk to your primary care veterinarian. Veterinarians who specialize in internal medicine have several additional years of postdoctoral training where they focus on diagnosing and treating complex diseases. Our specialist has the tools and knowledge to make sure that your pet gets the best care and receives treatment as soon as possible.

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